w3a_alc_2014Welcome to Our New Website!

The Wellesley Asian Alumnae Alliance (W3A) is a shared interest group founded to address the need for greater support of and networking among alumnae of Asian affinity. Given the increasingly large share that Asian students comprise of Wellesley’s student population and the strong cultural affinities that are created on campus through various organizations, the need for an extensive support structure to continue these networks for alumnae upon leaving Wellesley is essential. The primary purpose of W3A is to facilitate networking, mentoring, leadership, and career development opportunities for the Asian Alumnae community while preserving communication channels between Asian Alumnae and current and prospective students.  We are excited to announce that with the start of May our new site has been officially launched by the WCAA and we'll be working to get content and group discussions up and running.  Comments are always welcome and please contact the WCAA if you are having any login problems!